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Reset Better originally started as a small group of PMF members during The Great Pause of 2020/21 brainstorming the ideas around going back to an industry that has a better work/life balance and how the mindset of “We’ve always done it this way” has left many of our co-workers burnt out and mentally scarred as they compete in the workplace contending with low pay, long hours and often little respect for their part in helping to create world-beating art.

Over time this group has grown into a working group with members from across the industry in a wide array of disciplines with the aim of getting directors, theatre companies, shows, producers, basically everyone to sign up to the Reset Better Charter and Principles to promote this new and improved way of working in the industry.

Reset Better Charter & Principles

The Charter is a “call to arms”, an aspirational statement in which we outline the goals and aims of “Reset Better”. With everyone’s help we will develop Principles, best practice documentation and measures on how different organisations can implement the spirit of the Charter. We recognise there is no “one size fits all” solution, and the  Principles will be a living, evolving framework of guidance and suggestions

We know that every organisation is different that’s why we are developing “Principles” as examples of good practice in different situations to enact the charter in tangible and practical ways.

We welcome everyone’s ideas to contribute to this discussion. If you do have any ideas then please do get in touch with us via our email at the bottom of the page.

There is a downloadable version of our Charter underneath.

Reset Better Charter

The Pandemic of 2020/21 gives us an opportunity to reassess how we might return to a
“better industry”. The exact nature of what a better industry might look like is, of course,
incredibly subjective. Every show, theatre and production company is unique. Signatories to
this charter believe that we collectively have a duty to return “better” with a fundamental
commitment to doing “the right thing” as we rebuild.

We will actively build a workplace focussing on human needs and real work-life balance. We
commit to supporting the wellbeing of everyone engaged in creating our Art. To think beyond
our history and traditions, to reinvent ourselves and our historical practices. In short, we will
commit to building a more human-centric theatre where peoples welfare is at the heart of
our work.

We believe a 21st-century workforce has the right to rest and respect in the workplace. We
will strive to achieve five day work weeks, an end to three-session days, encouraging and
embedding job flexibility/sharing. We will plan better. We will be smarter.
This charter is a banner for those willing to create a kinder work environment with a tangible
remodelling of our old work processes.

We believe this not because we seek to diminish our Art but to strengthen it. Too many of our
colleagues suffer from poor mental health and burn out. Too many promising careers are cut
short as a result of unnecessary grind and cruel work practices. We believe we are better
than this. We will reassess every aspect of our work practice for the show’s good and our
people’s welfare.

We will support this charter with actions, producing guiding principles and activities, not to
fulfil a legal requirement or complete tick box exercises, but because we know we have a
moral obligation to care for all our colleagues.

A downloadable version of the Charter can be found by clicking this link

Signing up to the Reset Better Charter

Below is a Google form that you can fill in to sign up for the Reset Better Chater.

In the form you will be asked to provide:

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After you sign up for the Reset Better Charter, your name and company/organisation (if applicable) will appear on our website.

This is so that everyone who visits the website can see the list of all the companies, organisations and professionals who have signed up to support the Reset Better Charter.

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Contact Reset Better

Reset Better is run by volunteers from across the industry in a wide array of professions.

To contact the team then please email us at- [email protected]

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