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Rates of Pay Project

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Welcome to the PMF Rates of Pay Project.

Since our creation over four years ago, PMF members have repeatedly requested that we look to develop a Rate Card for our UK members, most recently during our monthly Town Hall Meetings.

We have decided that the PMF is now ready, with the support and guidance of BECTU, to begin investigating the topic of rates of pay, with the aim to deliver a comprehensive rate card for our members to use as reference. The PMF does not offer advice, rather, we remain committed to our purpose; sharing ideas and knowledge so that you, as a member, are best equipped with the relevant information to make your own judgement.

This project will focus on Production and Technical Management within Live Events and Theatre. We will start by identifying the various areas of Production Management, explore current relationships and frameworks and develop a detailed road map to deliver a comprehensive rate card. 

Thanks to everyone who completed the Initial Survey. This is now closed.

Keep an eye on your email for updates and details of future surveys.

We will use this initial survey to help us to identify the basic parameters of the project and scope of the future work required. As the research develops, some areas will be made a priority ahead of others, but we remain committed to identifying each area of work and delivering a useful guide to support all corners of our membership.

We will conduct this research through a combination of membership surveys, polls, interviews with organisations and employers, but primarily through the provision of information made by you, our members. All information will remain confidential within the PMF and will not be shared with any other party unless authorised by you. 

The PMF is conducting this Project independently, but we are accepting support and guidance from BECTU (Theatre Sector), who are offering their experience in creating rate cards. BECTU are keen to understand what Production and Technical Managers do, the challenges they face and, ultimately, how the union can better represent their members working as PMs and TMs. We are under no formal obligation to be ‘partnered’ with BECTU, but there will be some exploratory questions regarding PMF members’ relationships with unions, which is as much for our awareness as for theirs.