Stage lighting Ecodesign Regulations.

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Further exemptions take remaining concerns of the live performance into account

On Monday 17th, Member State representatives voted on the revision of ecodesign regulations, including rules for stage and studio lighting.

The final text grants further exemptions to the live performance, which means most of our remaining demands were taken into account:

– Stand-by power: An extra paragraph was introduced for our sector, as requested, to clarify the text and the exemption for light networks used in theatres and other venues

– Strong LED white lights: exempted (we wait for the details)

– Colour tuneable lights: Extension of the wavelength of green, which was very much restricted before

– T8 and some fluorescent luminaires have to be withdrawn from the market by 2023 only and not 2021 as foreseen before

– R7s are exempted –> with a light flux above 12,000 lumen (not sure whether until 2023 or longer)

While some of the light sources have to be withdrawn from the market by 2023, the next review of the regulation is foreseen in 5 years’ time, as usually proposed by the Commission.

Earlier this year, together with other associations, Pearle had successfully introduced technical exemptions for specific lamp sockets used in the live performance and film sector. With these first exemptions it was ensured that around 80% of lamp types used in theatres and concert halls could still be used.

Together with the newly granted exemptions, addressing our remaining concerns, the European live performance sector can continue to produce professional and outstanding performances, using theatre lights as one of the most important elements to create the right atmosphere on stage.

The exemptions will also allow the entertainment technology industry to do further research and develop energy efficient lamps for our sector that comply with requirements of European energy efficiency rules.


The final text should be released beginning of January and we will then analyse the outcomes in detail.

Ecodesign falls under the comitology procedure: the text voted by the regulatory committee (representatives of Member States) on Monday 17th is the final text and cannot be changed anymore by the Council of Ministers or the European Parliament. These institutions will only formally adopt the text, at the latest in Spring 2019.

The new regulation will enter into force in September 2021.