PMF Forms “The Drencher Club”

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Did you know that the PMF has formed The Drencher Club?

This is a confessional area for any PMF members who have had unfortunate relationships with Drenchers, Safety Curtains or Sprinklers.

Gary Pell and John Young both revealed their Drenching History in their excellent ‘In Conversation’ videos (which you can see here) and the Drencher Club has been formed.

Click here for details.

We are now looking for new club members, so, if you have ever set off a Drencher or Sprinkler by mistake, now is the time to confess and be admitted to the Club. You can also be a member if you have broken things (especially expensive things) using a Safety Curtain.

Best of all, you can also spill the beans on any colleagues who have operated a Drencher, Sprinkler or Safety Curtain ‘in error’.

Send an email now to [email protected]