PMF Christmas Montage

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This year, we want to do something a little silly to cheer up our theatre and live event friends and colleagues across the world. Can you spare 10 minutes to film yourself miming or dancing along to our song?

We are creating a little montage of you all either sitting in your home offices, working on stage, or maybe in your temporary job of driving vans, stacking shelves or delivering the post. Whatever it is you do, we would love to have a clip of you dancing or miming along that we can mash something together! You can even be a grumpy old Production Manager and just wear a Santa hat instead… also good!

We are hoping to create something like this:

All you need to take part:

  • Webcam / Mobile phone camera / Hand held camera
  • Something Christmassy (tinsel, fairy lights, a Santa hat, reindeer antlers, etc)
  • Or possibly an umbrella (song is about raining pennies – oh the irony!)
  • A computer to play the song out loud for you to mime/dance to and upload your footage to us once complete

Our Song is: Louis Prima – Pennies from Heaven. Here’s a link to it on YouTube

and  Here is a link to the lyrics, so you can print them out.


You can just record a little snippet of the song and send that in, we will edit the clips and overlay the song.

Anyone can be in the song, so feel free to get your friends and colleagues involved too – it’s just for fun!

Please send your entries to [email protected] by the 10th December!!!