The PMF Seminar at the ABTT Theatre Show

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We hope you will come to our Seminar at the ABTT Theatre Show

It is on the Wednesday (5th June) at 12.30 in the Londesborough Room.

Entitled The Theatre Green Book – Tricks, Tips and Sharing for Theatre Production, 
the seminar is sponsored by J & C Joel.
It will be chaired by Jennifer Taillefer, the ABTT Award for Environmental Sustainability 2023 winner!
On the panel will be:
  • Tom Piper, Designer
  • Margaret Rees (Maggs), Deputy Director of Production (Scenic Workshops) Birmingham Rep.
    Maggs has worked in set construction for over 20 years building scenery and supervising workshops. She has practical experience of creating green book shows gleaned from a range of projects from small studio tours to large scale productions . Maggs is currently engaged co-designing a summer festival for 400+ participants hoping to achieve intermediate green book status.

  • Jill Robertshaw, Deputy Production Manager, Nottingham Playhouse
    Jill says: I’ve been at Nottingham Playhouse for the last 10 years, first as Assistant now Deputy Production Manager.

    In 2022 I was asked to be PM on the studio Christmas show and work to the Theatre Green book Baseline standard. This was the first time this had ever been mentioned, so I had a look at the Green book, and then booked myself on a Carbon Literacy course. I was lucky that I had a supportive creative team, but like me, they weren’t sure the best way to be Green book. That said, we did pretty well and we also worked with Nottingham Trent University who conducted a Life Cycle analysis on the set pieces. This has turned out to be really useful.

    I hope I’ll have some useful tips for people of the day- certainly its not all been a smooth journey. But I do feel that this way of working is the way forward. We just need to influence the organisational leaders and reassure them that you can have a good looking show AND work sustainably too. 

Join Production Teams from a range of industry backgrounds to hear them reveal their challenges
and successes from implementing Green Book productions.

Get insider knowledge about what does and doesn’t work.

Come and share your experiences.

Don’t miss this chance to gain invaluable insights and practical solutions to drive your theatre’s sustainability efforts.