“Humanity, respect, resilience” – A Reset Better Zoom Panel Discussion

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The Production Managers Forum and Rose Bruford College combine forces for two Zoom panel sessions on the topic of Reset Better, looking at ways we can work smarter and in a more human-centric way as we begin to plan the return to work.

A panel discussion bringing Industry and Education together to look at ways to rebuild our sector with a focus on people.

This first session will look at the landscape in which we put on shows before “The Great Pause”, and why these conversations are so vital to have now.

Reset Better is the working title of a project supported by the PMF, whose aims are to promote cultural change in the way we have traditionally produced theatre. In practical terms, we seek to find ways to promote five-day working weeks, two-session days, job flexibility, and smarter working practices for the benefit of all stakeholders to create great art.

Mark Shayle                       Chair
Anna Ehnold-Danailov  PIPA
Oliver Brown                     Hull Truck
Fi Fraser                              Freelance Task Force
David Evans                       National Theatre of Wales

Date: 3/3/2021

Time: 16:00 to 17:00

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