Did you know about the digital surveying of spaces that StagePort are doing?

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StagePort digitally survey spaces to extract the geometry, and then work with the venue or producer to generate the information they need about the space.

Can be CAD /Virtual Tour/ 3D Models for LD’s, Video designers and anyone else! http://www.stageport.co.uk

They are also working with an H&S consultant to develop a Covid guideline for producers that we hope will be of some value very soon!

Recently StagePort have published info on a Production Design and Visualization research project.  Managed by StagePort with support from Creative Scotland. The project ran from April 2019 to December 2019. http://www.stageport.co.uk/production-design-visualization/producer led model

Here is some info on the producer led model  Which is a project StagePort just delivered at Tramway Theatre for Scottish Futures Trust.