Report on our 3rd Town Hall Meeting

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We hosted this on 30th  September, via Zoom. These are now going to be monthly events.

We would like to encourage all members to come to Town Hall meetings, if they can. The agreed dates so far are:

October. Thursday 29th at 16.00 UK time

November. Tuesday 24th at 16.00

December. Thursday 17th at 16.00, which will also be our Christmas Party

January 2021. Tuesday 26th at 16.00, which will also be our AGM

Registered PMF members are emailed the Zoom link and Town Halls are publicised on our Social Media pages too.
They are always followed by an on-line Social

These events are an opportunity for our Membership to share their thoughts & updates on their current & future work and to talk about what they want from the PMF.

Here is the report on the September meeting